Ring for Gemstones 09

Ring for Gemstones 09


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Designed by Antony..

Ring designed and set according to your preference.

We offer it with plenty of gemstone options in very good quality.

Semi – precious: Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst and more uppon request

Precious Gemstones: Diamond,Emerald, Ryby, Sapphire and Aqua Marine

We provide many other options if those applicable does not meet your needs.

With certificate of Authenticity.

Email us for information you need

Material: 14k or 18k gold
Color: white, yellow or rose gold
Setting: For almost any precious Gemstone
Size: EU sizes from 48 to 60

Availability: 3 – 10 working days

Important information: Price of the product listed is in 14K gold solid gold (setting only) . In order to fulfill your order you need to select from options according to your desire. If options provided does not meet your requirements please contact us at dbjewels@otenet.gr to manufacture our product according to your desire.

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