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Welcome to Dbjewels!

Our Company has operated since 1960. We manufacture high quality Jewelry in 18k white or yellow gold set with fine quality Diamonds and Colored Gemstones. Our custom made Jewelry is made to last forever, due to the highest inspection control before they reach our Worldwide customers.

Our company is located in Greece and in the last 3 years is expanding its services, exporting Jewelry Worldwide , today has a great number of individual customers and Jewelry shops.

Direct manufacturer & designer
Every Jewellery in manufactured independently.We have the ability to design & manufacture any Jewelry as you wish uppon order.
Emphasis in quality & design
Every jewellery is accompanied with certificate of Authenticity. Our goal is not just to sell jewelery, but to fulfill your wishes and needs.
Unique & endless selection
View our selection in Rings (solitaire – eternity) ,Wedding bands & other Jewellery and choose what you like.
Competitive prices
Very competitive prices compared to the current prices for buying jewelery over the internet!



Wedding bands  Βέρες

Cross  Σταυροί

Jewellery  κοσμήματα

Our Jewellery E-shop is Customizable in 3 easy steps!


Το Eshop μας είναι προσαρμοσμένο σε 3 εύκολα βήματα!

1. Design selection – Επιλογή Σχεδίου

2. Adjustment options – επιλογές προσαρμογής

3. Order – Παραγγελία

<< Επιλέγετε το σχέδιο – 14k ή 18k , Χρώμα χρυσού , χρώμα και μέγεθος λίθων , τελικό κόστος , παραγγελία >>

<< Select design in 14k or 18k , color of gold, Color & size of Gemstones, total cost, order >>

Έως 12 Άτοκες Δόσεις! – Up to 12 instalments through credit card!

Πολιτική αλλαγής ή  επιστροφής εντός 10 εργάσιμων ημερών 

10 working Days policy of return